Corporate Training Courses

  • 1 hour free demo class and level test.

  • Skype class is available if needed.

  • Recording material and content will be sent to the student for preview and review.

  • Multilingual course consultants are available for students, to communicate in English or any other language. So please feel free to send us email in your mother language if you have any questions:

  • School offers free HSK registration service. HSK preparation course is also available.

  • Both students and their family members can get 3 free culture ­classes when they register for our Mandarin course.

  • School will help the foreign staff to prepare Chinese-style performance for their company’s Chinese New Year party.

  • If students register for 60 hours at one time, they will receive 5 hours extra classes free.

  • If register for 90 hours, they will receive 10 hours extra classes free, and so on.

  • A. Daily Expressions(30hours)

  • Lesson 1 greetings

  • Lesson 2 introduction

  • Lesson 3 getting to know the people

  • Lesson 4 in a coffee shop/ bakery

  • Lesson 5 ordering food

  • Lesson 6 taking a taxi

  • Lesson 7 making an appointment

  • Lesson 8 booking a ticket

  • Lesson 9 shopping

  • Lesson 10 sports

  • B.Elementary Business(30hours)

  • Lesson 1 Simple business communication

  • Lesson 2 Expressions for phone call

  • Lesson 3 Business reception

  • Lesson 4 Expressions for business parties

  • Lesson 5 Hotel reservation

  • Lesson 6 Restaurant order

  • Lesson 7 Asking and bargaining for the price

  • Lesson 8 Expressions of one`s taste

  • Lesson 9 Chinese business culture

  • Lesson 10 Chinese wining and dining culture

  • C. Intermediate business

    The course focuses on achieving a result for the trainees of arranging their work independently, expressing their ideas on the point in work, mastering and using the vocabularies involved in their business field well. It also guides trainees to learn about terms about Chinese Business culture and unspoken rules and well handle business relations including business visiting

    D. Advanced Business

    Apart from the proficiency achieved in intermediate level, the trainees can also have the ability to read economic newspapers and make a short speech in different business occasions. They can also conduct business negotiations with Chinese people on their own by learning about different kinds of business expressions and accumulating the knowledge about styles and expressions of various kinds of business letters.