The future world belongs to China, and the future China will belong to the ambitious people of the world.

In the 30 years since its reform and opening-up China has seen great change. China has achieved remarkable economic and social progress and become the second largest economy of the world.Although suffering from all kinds of restriction and discrimination from outside, China leaders not only lifted billions of people out of poverty, but also built the longest express way and fast speed rail line of the world. All of these achievements are merely depended on the Chinese leads’ great wisdom and Chinese people’s hardworking and own effort.

China’s success has progressed from quantitative accumulation to qualitative transformation.Nowadays China has gained more power in the world by investing globally and participating into the new world order management.

With China increasingly playing an important and influential role in the globe economy and political affairs, China’s 5000 years civilization and culture will continuously have a significant impact on the whole of the world.

Chinese Dream Language Training Institute is the first directly operated overseas chain organization which is committed to prompting Chinese tradition and culture worldwide. With the Belt and Road initiative bringing the Chinese economy to a new height, we are a team of top-notch young people who are devoted to fight for achieving the Chinese nation’s bright prospect on the road to revival.

Come to join us if you dare to dream, for we can realize your dream of the world!


My dearest Pakistan and China's brothers and sisters, with the highest respect to all : Al-salamu alaikum.I am Ma Yanqiang,My Arabic name is Habib Ullah, a Chinese Muslim, Since 2008, I life in Pakistan passed 8 years.

China Dream is the dream of the Chinese people, is the Chinese nation distant dream, is the every Chinese secular life dreams.Because we find the way to a dream of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Chinese dream which we more closer to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than at any other time in history , we are more confident than at any other time in history, we have the ability to realize the Chinese dream.

However, between dream and reality, also through the reciprocating mountains, winding path, a raging river, and there will be countless difficulties and challenges, will undergo countless setbacks and test, and therefore must also be tireless hard work.

Brother Country, China's sixth star --- Pakistan.The words it has not any exaggerate,the friendship of Pakistan and China is not only between two countries, more friendship is passed down from one generation to another. the Chinese dream it is Pakistani dream too!

The China dream language and culture Institute , as a bridge of friendship between China and Pakistan, assuming the transmission of language and culture. For the two peoples closer integration , culture and language are the bridge of communication between two countries, we carry the responsibility of communication,extend,spread and develop between China and Pakistan.


The glory of the school, there is no connection about size of industry and the number of students ,and the quality is be handed down from age to age. As a teacher, we have the responsibility and obligation to improve ourselves, to the heart of every desire to gather together and to realize their dreams.

Chinese dream language training institute will be your stage to flying off your dream, come here ! you can get not only knowledge but also the desire of the dream and the tireless pursuit of strength.

For each student who comes to Chinese dream language training institute that we will according to the different situations to make teaching plans, the implementation of tracking type teaching, we also can provide service management, let every student can apply what they have learned and realize their value , to make the dreams come true.