Culture Courses

Paper-cutting is a kind of typical Chinese folk art with the perfect combination of original ideas and brilliant conceptions. It reflects the wisdom of Chinese people and the desires to change their lives. Nowadays, paper crafts are still widely used as house decorations and appear in modern village houses to celebrate traditional Chinese festivals, such as: Spring Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, Lantern Festival, etc.

Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is a kind of traditional art unique to China. Chinese characters, created by working people who drew pictures to record events at the beginning, evolve into the current forms through the development of thousands of years. Calligraphy came into being as our ancestors invented brush to write.

Tools and materials

Tools and materials: brush, ink, Painting pigments, rice paper, drawing silk, etc. Subjects: figures, landscape, insects and flora, etc. Techniques: gongbi and freehand. The core of the spirit of Chinese painting is “ink and brush”.

Chinese cook

Are you ready to serve your own Chinese Cuisine to your friends? Here you are! The Chinese Cuisine course will help you learn the art of Chinese cooking. The process of making one Chinese snack and one Chinese dish will be presented in each lesson, such as, spring roll, wonton, rice dumpling and steamed dumpling; Mapo Tofu (Spicy beancurd with shredded pork meat), Tangcu Paigu (Sweet and sour pork rib), Yuxiang Rousi (Pork strips in spicy sweet and sour sauce), Qiezhi Guiyu (Mandarin fish in tomato sauce) and Hongshao Shizitou (Braised pork dumpling), etc.