Kid Courses
Chinese course for children

Different courses are offered for children under 18 with different Chinese proficiency. Students` training for speaking ability will be developed during various kinds of interesting teaching activities. In addition, some characters will be taught as a supplement. After finishing this course, students can use 2000 new words and 1500 characters to make daily conversations fluently, read articles and appreciate Chinese culture and customs.

Kids’ Sinology course

We offer the lessons such as “The Three-Character Classic”, “Confucian Analects”, “Popular Collection of Traditional Chinese Wise Sayings”, and “Poetry of the Tang Dynasty”; other classic sinology lessons as such Hall of Fame, Chinese idiom stories and kids’ classic music, etc. Your kids will receive the authentic Chinese language and culture education in a foreign country. Starting class time : 9:30 am (13 June.)

Overseas Chinese’s Children Course

Using China Educational Press curriculum, this course is aimed at conducting systematic language teaching to improve written and comprehensive language ability of children of overseas Chinese living in Pakistan.